SUMMER OF CHANGE #Anthology #YA #Fantasy #Romance

They’re told they’re just kids. They’re not.
They’re facing adult problems and very real consequences.

Five authors came together to write stories about the passions and fears faced by the toughest, yet most sensitive group. Real issues are brought forward, faced, and then dealt with.

Whether the world is real, or imaginary, these characters will pull you in and take you on a ride. You may find yourself sitting in the cab of a pickup, or on the back of a dragon; either way, it’s going to be an amazing ride!

Come along and discover how they move away from the darkness of unhappiness, fear, lack of love, and move past life’s tragedies.

Can they find the happiness and love each of us desire? The answers are within.



Hannah’s Choice

Next, she ran across the room to pull her chainmail shirt over her head. It seemed to take way too long to do such a simple thing. The she realized she had been attempting to shove her head in an armhole…

The Beekeeper

One day, all Maggie had to worry about was her cheating boyfriend. Overnight, that all changed. Death rained down from above, taking all she loved from her. All but her beloved bees. She is left wandering in grief and shock across a scorched and barren landscape. A strange green glow between a cluster of rocks beckons

She is transported along with her bees to a fantastical world structured around bees. Huge Bees, pony sized bees. A place of great beauty yet posing a danger to young Maggie. She is accused of a heinous crime. Claiming ownership of her bees is bad enough but the fact they are diseased is even worse.

All appears lost until help arrives from across eons of time. The time travelers known as the Old Ones take charge and everything is righted. Maggie is returned to her world. The alien invaders called the Kor have been redirected, Earth hidden from their sight. Maggie’s world is as it was before.

Cooper Walsh loses his entire family in a horrific car accident on the way for their annual family vacation. After the funerals, his friends talk him into searching for his dog, Joey, who’s body was never found at the scene of the tragedy. Their search takes them into danger. Facing down drug runners, a fire fight with disastrous results pales when Cooper is reunited with the last remaining member of his family. The journey is filled with action and realizing what friendship really is and where it can be found. While grief and loss still grip his emotions, finding Joey gives him hope for the future.

Allie goes from a suicide attempt due to her dysfunctional family to the love and acceptance of a different family. All because a random boy saved her from drowning.

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