FEATURED ARTIST: MAC HARDY #erotica #books #romance

p- about the author

Mac is an outlaw who does what others don’t dare, goes where others fear to tread and attempts find unapproachable. He unscrews the inscrutable and has fun doing it.


DandaleithStonePicts1 - Coen van Wyk


p- about the book

Mac Hardy is an erotica writer. Adults only.

tight-jeans - Coen van Wyk

Tight Jeans and two others

Romance, Erotic

Three short stories of unexpected encounters. Lust, love, and challenges force them beyond their boundaries.





51RkfQgn7GL._SY346_ - Coen van Wyk



Romance, Erotic

Unicorns exist. A pretty student gets involved with a couple in emotional trouble, and sorts out their sexual issues. Their three-sided sexual adventures develop into friendship and more. They help her to finance her studies, but then her past catches up with her…




41FIoPcTQEL - Coen van Wyk

I’m Going to the Beach!

Romance, Action & Adventure, Erotic

A blonde college student gets selected to star in a video about a girl’s vacation at the beach; a video full of nudity, encounters, sex and… yes, love. Follow Sally-Ann as she discovers the delights of a beach vacation, as she explores her sensuality and discovers what she wants.


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