Ocean Witch by Coen van Wyk #dystopian #ADULT #feature

a- about the author

A confirmed curmudgeon, ready to contradict any opinion, Coen feeds his bullshitmeter with decades in the service of the public. Having seen it all, heard it all, having shaken hands with mass murderers and film stars, he turns to fiction, and especially science fiction, to outdo reality. Unfortunately, he does not always succeed: Having written a tall story of a guy with a stunning girlfriend who sails two yachts into the teeth of a global pandemic, complete with economic and societal collapse, governments taken over by criminals, and love that turns on and off, what happens? Along comes COVID and outdoes the wildest assumptions of the Ocean Witch story. So, you want a tall story? Read on! Or you want a bit of smooching? Well, maybe. And for some intricate, complicated and confused emotional interest? Well, there are chicks too. In fact, a lot, because Coun likes strong, decisive women, and it shows in his stories. Such as Angie, a story that is still looking for a cover page.


91ttmKSfGXL._SY600_ - Coen van Wyk


a- about the book

71vLLTal0GL._AC_UY218_ - Coen van Wyk


Coen van Wyk

Adult Audience


Tom (tomcat) finds himself in charge of a research yacht crewed by girls, as a worldwide pandemic breaks out. As they sail to meet his girlfriend, Helga on another yacht, and to follow the whales, the global economy grinds to a halt, communications break down, societies and governments collapse. Helga’s yacht falls in the hands of a crime-controlled Government, but Tom goes to the rescue. However, that is not the end…


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