Breaking the hiatus with tattoos!

I have taken a long hiatus, part of it deliberately. My plan was to slow down on social media and webs during December, but it stretched deep into January.

I do apologize to you for that.

However, I did manage to complete two serials in December, and will do it again this month, which makes it all worth while.

To break the ice that grew in the silence of absence, I thought to do something I’ve been pondering for a few months, but never got to doing. I have seen other do this, and got lost in all the photos about tattoos out there.

I have been pondering on getting a tattoo myself, and looking though all these have inspired me to get it done soon.


Tattoos with books

I love the tat of the book-filled head, but it is rather large for someone that is doing her first tattoo. I love the stack of books flying out, with color splashes, but again, I might scale that down considerably.

Tattoos about reading

I love all of these!

Tattoos about specific novels

What is your favorite tattoo? Do you perhaps have a bookish tattoo yourself? Or have you considered getting one, like me?


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