Thursday Talk #1

This week I did something scary… I planned my production schedule for my writing career.

*gasps all around*


I used the words production and writing and schedule in one sentence.

Because I write.


When I’m not getting dragged away from it by other stuff.

Like binge watching a series I love. Or crafting. Or whatever I can think off that has nothing to do with writing.

But for about six months I have been thinking that I want to make this my career. and listening to podcasts about how to achieve this difficult thing.

And it begins here…

  • a professional works every day.
  • a professional has a schedule of goals which she needs to achieve.
  • a professional works even when they are ill/ not in the mood/ it seems as if other things are more important.

So, watch this space if you are interested in seeing me fighting my bad habits, my life, and my own crippling mental programs to get to the goal.


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