Warrior of Light #7

A warrior of light often loses heart.

He believes that nothing can stir in him the emotion he so desired. He is forced to spend many evenings and nights feeling that he is one of the vanquished, and nothing seems able to restore his enthusiasm.

His friends say: ‘Perhaps his fight is over.’

The warrior feels pain and confusion when he hears such remarks because he knows that he has not yet reached the place he wanted to reach. But he is stubborn and refuses to relinquish his aims.

Then, when he least expects it, a new door opens.

Pg 50


When we start new things, sometimes on the journey we lose heart. It may happen often throughout our lives that we feel like giving up on the dream we had. When you speak to people who have chased their dreams, they will tell you about these moments when they almost left the road, or turned back to where they came from.

I know this feeling too. Been there done that. Got the t-shirt. Wore it out. Now I’m using it to wash my car.

And people will remark on your failure to launch. They will say you don’t have what it takes to get it done. That you were afraid.

So, if you get to that place, start looking for the door. Because the universe always helps those who reach for their dreams, especially when they are close to giving up.

manual of warrior of light cover.jpg


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