Warrior of the Light #6

The warrior of light studies the two columns on either side of the door he is trying to open.

One is called Fear and the other is called Desire. The warrior looks at the column of Fear and on it is written: ‘You are entering a dangerous, unfamiliar world where everything you have learned up until now will prove useless.’

The warrior looks at the column of Desire and on it is written: ‘You are about to leave a familiar world wherein are stored all the things you ever wanted and for which you struggled long and hard.’

The warrior smiles because nothing frightens him and nothing holds him. With the confidence of one who knows what he wants, he opens the door.

Pg 104


Our lives are filled with moments of endings and new beginnings. But stepping into a new beginning, -whether it is into single life after a break up, or tertiary education after school, a new relationship, marriage, moving to a new home, or becoming parents- can be a daunting experience.

The first hurdle is usually fear. We don’t think we will be able to cope with this new thing. We don’t feel at all prepared. We think the skills we have will not be enough to face the new environment. The danger then is to step back. To us that seems like the most logical step.

Be brave. Take a deep breath and decide that fear will not hold you back. Once you are there, you might learn that the skills you have can be useful, and the rest you’ll learn.

The second hurdle is that we are often so comfortable in our life as it is, that we don’t want to let go and step into new territory. The move forward might seem like a step down. Or as if we have to lose everything we have right now.

But again, nothing is forever. By next year life, or a natural disaster, might strip you of all you now hold dear. And here is the most important reason to not hold on to what you have now: you will never know if what was waiting on the other side of that door wasn’t something much more satisfying and precious then what you have now.

Find Paulo Coehlo here.

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