Drabblecast Review #5- Sredni Vashtar by Saki

Find the podcast here. Story starts at 3.45 if you want to skip all the community chatter.



I love Saki’s stories. They always touch on the bizarre cultural customs we surround ourselves with.

This is the story of a boy living in a home he hates, with family he hates. As if this is not bad enough, he is a dying boy, according to the doctor. He lives in silent resistance against the many rules of the home, and finds his love in strange places.

And with these few facts, Saki sets the scene for a fantastical story about the power of Gods. I leave the story with questions about religion, even my own. Is it true, as Saki suggests, that we create our own gods? Are we able to forgive and forget our miserable existence while we kneel in prayer, or sing the praises of our Gods? Do we cope better with the difficulties of life when we worship?

But even more than this, when our prayers are answered, is it because our God heard our prayers, or because we moved (unconsciously) to make them happen?


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