My #NaNoWriMo 2018 survival kit!

So, with two days before NaNoWriMo 2018 kicks off, I go into full panic mode. I am not at all prepared for it this time. Its my 2nd nano, but I did camp in March and in July again.

The main reason for my panic is the fact that we are moving over the upcoming weekend and the last two weeks have been hijacked with all things move.

Like sorting.



Packing some more.

Washing curtains and making new ones.

And packing.

And packing.

Will the packing ever end?!

So today, to curb my serious stress over how not prepared I am, I will spend some time getting the things ready that I can.

This is my Nano surviving kit!

1. Laptop

My laptop is ready. Virus protected. Word loaded.

2. Writing desk

This is not ready at all. In fact, it will only be ready by the 4th, which is fine because I probably won’t have time to write until then either.

3. Dictionaries and thesaurus.

My heap of these are packed, but the box is clearly marked so that I’ll find it in a jiffy once we hit the new place.

4. Coffee

And lots of it! I run on sun and coffee power!

5. Red wine

To celebrate the small and large victories.

6. Healthy snacks

Dried fruit. Nuts. Dark chocolate. Protein shake. I’ll get fresh fruit once we are moved.

7. Basic outline

Which I’ll do tomorrow. I don’t spend much time on these because I am a panser (I write by the seat of my pants), but even so, I find that a page of bullet notes are a good place to start.

8. Crazy Writing Buddies

Oh, Sprints are my thing! I have a few great people who keep each other on their toes with sprints.

10. Writer’s unblock bag

If you plan to write 50 000 words in 30 days (my goal is in fact 60 000 this year), you cannot waste any amount of time stuck and unable to write.

This is how Nano has taught me to overcome writer’s block.

First find the cause of the problem, then find the solution.

  • If I am thinking ‘I’m so tired,’ or ‘I can’t think straight,’ it usually means my body needs rest. If I only need another 500 words or less, I’ll get chocolate and coffee, or a energy smoothie. If, however, I need to do more writing, a power nap of 30 mins followed by coffee works best.
  • If I feel trapped in the scene, or unsure of how to proceed (my dead give-away for this is when I start writing sex scenes), that usually means I have written myself into a corner, or don”t know how to proceed. For these blocks I sit down with my outline and brainstorm. I might also take a 15 min. walk or do some yoga stretches in the sun. I also use a pack of Tarrot cards when I don’t know how a character should progress. I pull three random cards. Past. Present. Future. Then Google the meanings and apply that to my character. This has helped me so many times, and it brings depth to characters.
  • If it is a creative block, I have a few books by my wrtiting heroes at hand. I’ll take 10 mins just to read from one and that would inspire me.

What items are on your nanowrimo survivor list?


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