Short Story #2 – Early Morning Sentiments

The alarm wakes you at four in the morning. For a moment or two you ponder why the hell you would want to be awake at this unholy hour. Then you remember that you have work to complete. A deadline looming above your head. Project due at ten this morning. You hate deadlines. You love playing Age of Empires III on your computer. This is what you were up to two days of this week when you should have been working.

You are not sure what kind of a mood you are in yet, but you know it is not the get-up-at-four-to-work mood. As you roll yourself out of bed you can feel the covers caressing you, trying to seduce you into staying. With grinding teeth you pull on a sweater and socks and make your way to the kitchen. You get the coffee brewing and pull the curtains aside to look at the day outside of the window.

Sometimes you wish you were born rich. But only sometimes. Mostly you know you would be bored out of your mind if you were not constantly challenged by work, studies and fighting to keep your head above the water for just one more day.

The sun is rising dimly over the horizon in oranges and yellows. It is a new day. You smile as you pour the coffee in a large mug, adding some honey. You walk to the home office humming a half remembered song. It takes a moment or two before you recognize the tune.

Morning has broken. You are in a sentimental mood.


One thought on “Short Story #2 – Early Morning Sentiments

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  1. I know this all too well (except I am not much at computer games). Also, I suppose I never had a desire to be rich…well, I just lied to myself again…thanks for the reminder. 🙂


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