Drabblecast Review #2: A Little Black Death by Lance Author

Find the audio story here. If you want to skip the community stuff, the story starts at 1.51


I can’t remember much about my childhood. I think the earliest clear memory I have is from about six years, sitting on the kitchen countertop and making toast and coffee for my mother. I love the Lance is able to regress to the powerful childhood fears. Because fear in childhood is so much deeper. Children know they have little to no power in life, and that makes their fear so much deeper than ours.

This story is about spiders and bullies. A little boy happens to end up in a basement filled with Black Widow Spiders, the worst kind of spider there is, and the town bully. If you don’t know how this happened, you were not any of the things that makes other kids hate and reject you in school.

You know the list, at least the basics. Through the ages this list have changed merely in what is the current top items, and if you are lucky, yours will drop to the bottom next year.

Wearing glasses. Being fat. Being ugly. Being too short. Freckles. Stammering. Any kind of physical handicap. Or deep emotional ones. Being too quiet. Or too white. Or too black. Or too poor. Foreign, or foreign looking. From time to time it’s also considered bad to be too rich. Rich is good, but there is a line.

O, and double whammy if you got two or more of the offenses on the list. That puts a bully target on your back.

And if you are the character, and the bully invites you on a trip down into your own personal hell, you go. Because you wanna make him your friend. Even if he is crazy…

Or because he is crazy.

So, do you feel the little feet there, on you ankle? Can you hear the scraping sounds as they scurry to get to you? All those beautiful Black Widows long to make you theirs.

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