Launch: Lily Barlow, The Mystery of Jane Dough

Lily Barlow, The Mystery of Jane Dough will launch on December 4th. It is available now for pre-order on Amazon. Below is the information you requested. Carla Vergot has been writing this book (albeit, in her head) since her undergraduate days at North Carolina State University. From there, without writing a word of the story,... Continue Reading →


Warrior of Light #8

Write down again what I told you: The warrior of light needs time to himself. And he uses that time for rest, contemplation and contact with the Soul of the World. Even in the midst of a battle, he manages to meditate. Occasionally, the warrior sits down, relaxes and lets everything that is happening around... Continue Reading →

Warrior of Light #7

A warrior of light often loses heart. He believes that nothing can stir in him the emotion he so desired. He is forced to spend many evenings and nights feeling that he is one of the vanquished, and nothing seems able to restore his enthusiasm. His friends say: 'Perhaps his fight is over.' The warrior... Continue Reading →

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